About Us

Welcome to Mindful Design, a unique web design and digital marketing agency. We specialise in empowering Dharma centres across the globe to share their profound messages with the world, through our mindful approach to web design and digital marketing.

Our Vision

A more ethical world...

At Mindful Design our aim is to help create a more ethical world. We believe that there is such a thing as Universal Ethics and many of these ideals are being taught and shared by some incredible educators and organisations. Our mission is to help ethical educators and communicators to reach as wide an audience as possible. To spread universal ethics and create a kinder, more compassionate world.

We are guided by ethical principles and believe that these should be the foundation of any organisation that aspires to do good. We also have a firm belief in efficiency – in order to have the biggest impact the right tools and workflows are of utmost importance.

We believe that simplicity, functionality, and user-friendliness should be the cornerstones of digital design and marketing. Our aim is to create websites and marketing campaigns that are clear, elegant, and positive, mirroring the values of universal ethics.

Our Journey

As our journey begins...

Our team consists of a group of friends and family that aspire to spread universal ethics to the world. We rejoice that our work life is in line with that aspiration.

We are a team of five, lead by Matthew McArthur, his brother James, his mother Nikki and friends Mickael, Pep & Dion. Matt, after completing a master’s in chemistry, worked initially in sales, then chose another path and moved into studying yoga, meditation and Buddhism. In 2020 he started a business designing and managing websites initially offering services to a wide variety of commercial businesses. It was a natural progression to follow his beliefs and experience by focusing on working with dharma centres.  As the business has now expanded it has been a natural progression and pleasure to work with the rest of the team. 

Having a mix of professional backgrounds, including sales, languages, nursing, writing and editing we got together with the aim of setting up a flexible lifestyle, conducive to doing good and giving us time to pursue our personal study and interests. Most of our team being Buddhist, we wanted to create a life in line with the ethical system as presented in the Buddhist teachings. This ethical system in fact, we believe to be universal and not explicit to Buddhism.

We specialise in empowering ethical organisations to share their message with the world. In the team we’re lucky to have students of the Tibetan Buddhist Gelugpa tradition, as taught by the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT, fpmt.org) and the Thai Forest tradition. We also have a sound knowledge of Universal Education and ethics as presented by Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom (FDCW, compassionandwisdom.org).

We’re a remote team and are based all over the world, working from France, Spain, UK and India. We believe that nowadays there are the tools and connectivity available to be able to achieve optimum efficiency from anywhere in the world. In fact, we’re finding that we can deliver an even better global service this way. By covering more timezones, we can be reactive and available to more people at more times.

Most importantly, we all love what we do. And we have a great time doing it. If you want to share your ethical message with the world,  we’d love to help you do just that. Get in touch.

Our Team

Our team is a blend of dedicated web designers, seasoned digital marketing experts, and devoted practitioners of meditation. We have a particular knowledge of Buddhism and the Gelugpa, Tibetan Buddhist presentation as taught by the FPMT and Universal Education and ethics as taught by FDCW. Each team member brings their own unique skills and experiences, working harmoniously together to deliver bespoke and effective solutions for our clients.

Matt McArthur

Founder & Director

James McArthur

Freelance Communications Specialist

Mickael Jamas

Freelance Digital Marketer

Nikki McArthur

Freelance Writer

Pep Teixidor

Freelance Digital Marketer

Our Services

Digital marketing, SEO, analytics...

At Mindful Design we offer a comprehensive range of services including web design, social media management and advertising, email marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and universal analytics. Our focus is to deliver a tailored strategy for each organisation, ensuring the successful engagement of their community, promotion of events & services, and increased online presence.

We believe that growing a respected and likeable brand is the foundation of any successful organisation. Our in-house graphic design and social media experts can help your organisation to grow their brand, no matter where it is at the moment. Together we will analyse your organisation’s current position, develop a strategy and a plan to achieve your goals.

A successful strategy depends on solid research, both externally looking at similar, or “competitor” organisations, and internally looking at campaign performance, insights and analytics. Our expertise can help you to create universal analytics across multiple web, social media, email and event platforms. With insights, comes smart decisions and a fluid marketing strategy which evolves as you do.

Our team of experts will help you to grow your brand, develop your marketing strategy and reach a wider audience.

Our Process

Mindful and iterative

Our approach to work is mindful and iterative. We begin with a comprehensive consultation to understand your needs, followed by an analysis of where you are now and the steps necessary to get to where you would like to be. 

We help you achieve your goal through the creation of bespoke designs and strategies and by providing a dedicated expert to support your team. We then implement these ideas, refining and optimising them based on your feedback and the insights gathered from analytics.

For teams working with volunteer support we can help you develop strategies, guidelines and templates to help make your volunteers feel well supported and deliver optimum results.  We find that with a well managed volunteer team, everyone is happier.

Our workflows are optimised for speed and efficiency. To be of most impact and ensure the best use of our time we integrate the latest technologies into every stage of the process. 

We do our best to ensure that we are available to help you through every stage of the process.